Hey readers.As I type this I’m beyond exhausted from yesterday’s activities at the Nairobi Fashion Market.It was basically an event in which there were vendors of fashion items such as clothes,accessories,shoes,weaves and wigs ,scents,make-up etc at discounted prices.Not too sure about the discount part…Definitely, some of those discount rates did not motivate me to buy much.I only bought this gorgeous asymmetrical skirt which I will show you guys soon.There were also stands selling household stuff like crockery.There were soo many stands I didn’t stop by some.It’s an annual event but yesterday was my first time to attend it.I went with two of my friends-Lynn and Bella.We had loadsa fun! It’s good to get out with the girls once in a while.Plus the fashion was exquisite.People really brought it.And I mean reeally brought it! I brought it too..haha! 😀 I also met with some fellow bloggers with whom I interacted.There were fashion shows at intervals but I won’t post photos of the fashion shows today because the photos are quite a number!

I wore a black peplum and a custom made khanga skirt with black flats and a belt worn as a chain.I also wore a headband and carried a mustard bag.

nfm 14

nfm 2

You can get the textured version of the peplum ( here )

nfm 3

nfm 15

nfm 16

Here’s what my friends and fellow bloggers wore:

Bella of

nfm 6


nfm 7

Blogger at

nfm 8

Bella and Maureen of

nfm 8

Maureen and I:

nfm 10

nfm 11

Some merchandise:

nfm 12

nfm 13

Have a good week ahead guys!

Cheers. 🙂



Hey guys. I’m well.I’m just in the heat of things…school and all.

Last week I wore this outfit to school.It consisted of a striped monochrome bodycon midi skirt,a black vest and a denim vest.I added this really cool fuchsia beaded necklace and belt to add a pop of colour.The sling bag and flats were black.I wore another midi skirt in this post with heels. This is an alternative look with flats.


midi 1

midi 2

midi 4

midi 4

midi 6

midi 3


midi 6

Get skirt( here )

Are you looking forward to Nairobi Fashion Market like me? Can’t wait! 🙂 What will you be wearing?

If you’re Kenyan,Happy Mashujaa day.Let’s celebrate our independence heroes.




So,I feel like I’m stuck in a fashion rut.I’m soo bored of my clothes let me tell you.Who else feels like this? The best fix however would be going shopping.That’s just not an option right now! So I’m finding more ways to wear the stuff I have. Recently I’ve also been all about purging my wardrobe . It finally hit me like a ton of bricks that quality is better than quantity…Part of growing up I guess. No thanks to  my overly sentimental connection with my clothes,giving them away hasn’t been easy.

Onto this week’s post.My boyfriend ,,James and I did a denim on denim look for him and for her.We both wore denim shirts and black jeans.Of course to bring the female aspect,I wore monochrome heels and a black sling bag . 🙂


James 1

James 2

His shirt(Similar here)


Winnie 1

winnie 3

My shirt(Similar here)

winnie 4


Before I go, my friend custom makes these  Ankara loafers for both guys and girls. I got my friend a pair for her birthday and she loved them! I loved them so much I wished I could keep them for myself once I got them . They go for KSh.1300 for the ladies and KSh.1700 for the guys. Here’s the best part-If you tell him you were referred to him by Winnie THE Fashionista, you get 15% off!! My friend’s (Evans) number is 0724000331  If you’re interested. I’m definitely getting me a pair soon…All these social events will never hear the end of it ! 😀



Hope your Sunday is going well.This past week has been taken up mostly by school(as it ought to be) but I created time to check out the recent  Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.I also did my nails in neon colours yesterday.You can follow me on Instagram @winniethefashionista to check out the photos.I rarely do my nails because it’s soo much work,it’s so tedious and time-consuming . Makeup over nail polish any day! It’s also too high maintenance to keep going to the salon for a manicure and pedicure for someone like me who isn’t working. My nails look great in the end but it’s just a lot to deal with .Not to mention I like perfection and when I mess up a nail,I remove the polish and start all over again.I can do this up to 3 times on one nail 😀 yo…The struggle is real.

For today’s post,I’m in a midi skirt,a pink top,a statement necklace and pink heels.I threw on a grey crop jacket because it was cold on this day.You see that sunshine?So did I.But it was a trick! I loved the colour palette of this outfit.Do you? I had on 3 different shades of pink (lipstick,top and heels)The lipstick is Flormar Supermatte number 501. Plus I like the way the grey goes with pink.

midi 1

midi 2

midi 3

midi 4

midi 5

midi 6

midi 7

midi 8

midi 9

midi 10

The allure of midi skirts is the way they go below the knees giving you that polished,sophisticated look especially when  worn with heels.Not that I have anything against short skirts but I think they’ve their time.Mine is a high-waisted, bodycon midi but midi skirts can also be full-circle and of course they come in a range of fabrics!

Do enjoy the rest of your day dear reader.I appreciate you for stopping buy.

midi 10



Hey guys.I know I’ve been away for a bit of a long time. It’s because I haven’t had the strength to blog about fashion since the westgate attacks .  Such a tragic happening it was. My heart goes out to the families of those affected.I thank God for his mercies on me!

Today’s look is one I wore to school last week when it was quite sunny.A coloured leopard print top and ‘wet look’ leggings with black doll shoes and a brass neck piece.I had with me a black cross-body bag. To finish off the feline-inspired look I wore cat-eye sunglasses. I now just need to be in Katy Perry’s video ”Roar” right? I’m ready for my close-up! 😀 You must be wondering “I thought she was in law school? What’s all that colour and fashionista-ness for?” haha! 😀 Our school doesn’t have a dress code…yet,although they tried to introduce one.I don’t know what happened.I will have as much fun with clothes as I can before I actually start my career because after school it’s the dog house for me! And by that I mean wearing ONLY blacks,grey,navy blue and brown.








I also wore the top for some time with a half-tuck…Tucked at the front and untucked at the back.

Fotor0926235022 3

Wishing you all  a wonderful day.

Your favourite fashionista,Winnie THE Fashionista.