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Today,I’m posting the photos I took of the runway shows on Saturday.I’ll post my favourite looks.It’s going to be a flood of photos,so get ready! 🙂

The first show was by Zaramu House of designs.This was mostly an African-inspired collection whose main feature was maxi dresses in an array of styles,silhouettes and print.There were some ankara pieces including a pant suit and dresses that varied in length and fit.This is definitely a collection for the elegant fashionista.


runway 1

runway 2

Who else is drooling over their hair? 😀

runway 3

The designer and a model:

runway 4

The second collection was by Honour My Curves.Like the name suggests,this collection is made with for the more curvier woman in mind.It was characterized by a mixture of bold and soft colours and had pieces that you can wear to the office,to dinner,to lunch or to an event like Nairobi Fashion Market! It has a certain flirtiness and fierceness to it.

runway 5

runway 6

runway 7

runway 8

The third collection was Afro Street Collection.Where do I even start? I loved this collection.There was also a central theme,which was ankara.The designs were beautiful and featured a lot of vibrant colours. Orange seems to be the colour in every piece.The collection ranged from skater skirts to pants and blazers,chiffon maxi dresses to chiffon tops and maxi skirts.Warning…Not for the faint hearted,haha! 😀

runway 9

runway 10

runway 11

Let me tell you when this model came down the runway,women couldn’t help themselves! They were screaming like crazy.

runway 12

runway 13

runway 14

runway 15

The next collection was from New York designer,Windows.The collection was mainly characterized by sheath dresses,shift dresses with gorgeous prints like dots,lines,flowers.The colours are both bright and toned-down neutral colours.Simple and chic are the words I use to describe this collection.I love it because it symbolizes the everyday Nairobi woman.

runway 16

runway 17

runway 18

The designer with models.

runway 19

The last designer I will feature is Sheena C. The collection mainly consisted of evening dresses in gold tones,light blue,black and whites.From mermaid style dresses to ballgowns and short bodycon dresses,this collection was the real deal.It also had this ethereal feel to it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.The fabrics were also quite amazing.Whether princess,diva or African queen,there’s something for everyone! 🙂

runway 20

runway 21

runway 22

runway 23

runway 25

The designer with models.

runway 24

Hope you enjoyed the post guys.

Enjoy the rest of your week too! 🙂


Kenyan fabric meets Haute Couture.

Did you know the combination of 12.12.12 is the last anyone of us alive now is ever going to see? Think about more 1.1.01 or 2.2.02 till the next millenium.

Independence day is here again.70 years ago it looked and sounded impossible to ever be free from British rule.It was sooo..depressing.Who woulda thought?We turn 49 here in Kenya and today i pay tribute to the influence the ‘Maasai’ fabric,called the ‘Maasai Plaid’ has on the fashion industry.It’s become a phenomenon.

Exibit A: The fabric on a maasai warrior and on a runway model.


Exhibit B:models rocking the look in Thakoon’s 2011 Collection:


Exhibit C:Maasai Plaid and Safari wear-inspired..This was Louis Vuitton 2012 Summer/Spring collection:Image

Thanks to our freedom fighters,we’re free and I’m even able to have this blog.Comment,share.follow! If you would like to be included in my blog,just send me an email with your photo to or tell me what YOU would like me to write about.