Hey guys.I know I’ve been away for a bit of a long time. It’s because I haven’t had the strength to blog about fashion since the westgate attacks .  Such a tragic happening it was. My heart goes out to the families of those affected.I thank God for his mercies on me!

Today’s look is one I wore to school last week when it was quite sunny.A coloured leopard print top and ‘wet look’ leggings with black doll shoes and a brass neck piece.I had with me a black cross-body bag. To finish off the feline-inspired look I wore cat-eye sunglasses. I now just need to be in Katy Perry’s video ”Roar” right? I’m ready for my close-up! 😀 You must be wondering “I thought she was in law school? What’s all that colour and fashionista-ness for?” haha! 😀 Our school doesn’t have a dress code…yet,although they tried to introduce one.I don’t know what happened.I will have as much fun with clothes as I can before I actually start my career because after school it’s the dog house for me! And by that I mean wearing ONLY blacks,grey,navy blue and brown.








I also wore the top for some time with a half-tuck…Tucked at the front and untucked at the back.

Fotor0926235022 3

Wishing you all  a wonderful day.

Your favourite fashionista,Winnie THE Fashionista.



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