Hope your Sunday is going well.This past week has been taken up mostly by school(as it ought to be) but I created time to check out the recent  Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.I also did my nails in neon colours yesterday.You can follow me on Instagram @winniethefashionista to check out the photos.I rarely do my nails because it’s soo much work,it’s so tedious and time-consuming . Makeup over nail polish any day! It’s also too high maintenance to keep going to the salon for a manicure and pedicure for someone like me who isn’t working. My nails look great in the end but it’s just a lot to deal with .Not to mention I like perfection and when I mess up a nail,I remove the polish and start all over again.I can do this up to 3 times on one nail 😀 yo…The struggle is real.

For today’s post,I’m in a midi skirt,a pink top,a statement necklace and pink heels.I threw on a grey crop jacket because it was cold on this day.You see that sunshine?So did I.But it was a trick! I loved the colour palette of this outfit.Do you? I had on 3 different shades of pink (lipstick,top and heels)The lipstick is Flormar Supermatte number 501. Plus I like the way the grey goes with pink.

midi 1

midi 2

midi 3

midi 4

midi 5

midi 6

midi 7

midi 8

midi 9

midi 10

The allure of midi skirts is the way they go below the knees giving you that polished,sophisticated look especially when  worn with heels.Not that I have anything against short skirts but I think they’ve their time.Mine is a high-waisted, bodycon midi but midi skirts can also be full-circle and of course they come in a range of fabrics!

Do enjoy the rest of your day dear reader.I appreciate you for stopping buy.

midi 10




Colour blocking was really big in 2012.Will it still remain in 2013?

colour blocking runway

Basically,colour blocking is putting 2 or more solid colours together to make an outfit.The colours however NEED to go together and have no print on the item of know,like red and yellow,red black and white,purple and pink, red and blue and sooo many other colour combinations.Although some clothes already come colour-blocked.Just make sure they don’t clash! It’s a lot of fun if you love colour like me.COLOUR IS YOUR FRIEND!

If you want to know whether you’re doing it right,here’s a basic colour wheel to help.It’s basic because not all colours are represented here.Colours opposite each other go together.But also some colours that are next to each other are compatible.Like lime green and yellow,blue and green etc…


Just some fabulous outfits I love:



colour block


DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG GIRL….Honestly,this pink,red and purple outfit is murder. x_x



Mary J Blidge… 🙂 Fabulous mamacita.Pink orange and yellow!



The gorgeous,the fabulous Rihanna! In purple and orange.



Leona Lewis seemed to have been quite a fan of colour -blocking.She looks like a barbie doll! Aww…



Who loves this like I do? Kim K…Simple but so striking.Now this is effortless style.



So,apparently you can also do colour block lips.Hmmm…

colour block lips




So,yeah,I also did a colour block in 2012! Red and yellow.