Hey guys.Hope all is well with you.

These past 2 weeks I’ve been buried in books trying to get ready for exams.Just did a murderous CAT the other day…And I mean murderous.But hey,on Saturday I went for Subaru Festival with my better half and his friend to get lost in the fun and to revel in the sights and sounds in the sea of Subarus. It was basically a day for Subaru owners and lovers to come together to compete and have a good time.There were prizes for best body work,best engine,best sound,fastest time,best spoiler,best lights,best interior and best classic Subaru.

I wore a denim shirt,letter printed leggings and golden flats.Of course,this chain I recently got goes with everything!


Subfest 1

Subfest 2


Bonnie and James:


All I need in this life of sin…  Bonnie and Clyde 😀

Subfest 4

My boyfriend’s car… 🙂 . It was also featured on Kenya Car Bazaar.


This ride is the truth!!


SUB FEST 20131

Speakers going Hammer…

SUB FEST 20132

Real Subarus are made of this…


The quintessential Subaru colour.James suggested it should be called ”Subaru Blue”  because soo many of them are this colour.I counted.Literally over 10 cars had it at the venue.

Subaru Blue

I start exams on the 9th of December so I might be away from the blogosphere for a while but I’ll be on instagram .You can follow me on @winniethefashionista and like my facebook page and tell a friend of a friend to like it too here .

Till later,see ya!





So,I feel like I’m stuck in a fashion rut.I’m soo bored of my clothes let me tell you.Who else feels like this? The best fix however would be going shopping.That’s just not an option right now! So I’m finding more ways to wear the stuff I have. Recently I’ve also been all about purging my wardrobe . It finally hit me like a ton of bricks that quality is better than quantity…Part of growing up I guess. No thanks to  my overly sentimental connection with my clothes,giving them away hasn’t been easy.

Onto this week’s post.My boyfriend ,,James and I did a denim on denim look for him and for her.We both wore denim shirts and black jeans.Of course to bring the female aspect,I wore monochrome heels and a black sling bag . 🙂


James 1

James 2

His shirt(Similar here)


Winnie 1

winnie 3

My shirt(Similar here)

winnie 4


Before I go, my friend custom makes these  Ankara loafers for both guys and girls. I got my friend a pair for her birthday and she loved them! I loved them so much I wished I could keep them for myself once I got them . They go for KSh.1300 for the ladies and KSh.1700 for the guys. Here’s the best part-If you tell him you were referred to him by Winnie THE Fashionista, you get 15% off!! My friend’s (Evans) number is 0724000331  If you’re interested. I’m definitely getting me a pair soon…All these social events will never hear the end of it ! 😀