Hey guys.Hope all is well with you.

These past 2 weeks I’ve been buried in books trying to get ready for exams.Just did a murderous CAT the other day…And I mean murderous.But hey,on Saturday I went for Subaru Festival with my better half and his friend to get lost in the fun and to revel in the sights and sounds in the sea of Subarus. It was basically a day for Subaru owners and lovers to come together to compete and have a good time.There were prizes for best body work,best engine,best sound,fastest time,best spoiler,best lights,best interior and best classic Subaru.

I wore a denim shirt,letter printed leggings and golden flats.Of course,this chain I recently got goes with everything!


Subfest 1

Subfest 2


Bonnie and James:


All I need in this life of sin…  Bonnie and Clyde 😀

Subfest 4

My boyfriend’s car… 🙂 . It was also featured on Kenya Car Bazaar.


This ride is the truth!!


SUB FEST 20131

Speakers going Hammer…

SUB FEST 20132

Real Subarus are made of this…


The quintessential Subaru colour.James suggested it should be called ”Subaru Blue”  because soo many of them are this colour.I counted.Literally over 10 cars had it at the venue.

Subaru Blue

I start exams on the 9th of December so I might be away from the blogosphere for a while but I’ll be on instagram .You can follow me on @winniethefashionista and like my facebook page and tell a friend of a friend to like it too here .

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Heeyy!! How’s it going?

Today,I’m posting the photos I took of the runway shows on Saturday.I’ll post my favourite looks.It’s going to be a flood of photos,so get ready! 🙂

The first show was by Zaramu House of designs.This was mostly an African-inspired collection whose main feature was maxi dresses in an array of styles,silhouettes and print.There were some ankara pieces including a pant suit and dresses that varied in length and fit.This is definitely a collection for the elegant fashionista.


runway 1

runway 2

Who else is drooling over their hair? 😀

runway 3

The designer and a model:

runway 4

The second collection was by Honour My Curves.Like the name suggests,this collection is made with for the more curvier woman in mind.It was characterized by a mixture of bold and soft colours and had pieces that you can wear to the office,to dinner,to lunch or to an event like Nairobi Fashion Market! It has a certain flirtiness and fierceness to it.

runway 5

runway 6

runway 7

runway 8

The third collection was Afro Street Collection.Where do I even start? I loved this collection.There was also a central theme,which was ankara.The designs were beautiful and featured a lot of vibrant colours. Orange seems to be the colour in every piece.The collection ranged from skater skirts to pants and blazers,chiffon maxi dresses to chiffon tops and maxi skirts.Warning…Not for the faint hearted,haha! 😀

runway 9

runway 10

runway 11

Let me tell you when this model came down the runway,women couldn’t help themselves! They were screaming like crazy.

runway 12

runway 13

runway 14

runway 15

The next collection was from New York designer,Windows.The collection was mainly characterized by sheath dresses,shift dresses with gorgeous prints like dots,lines,flowers.The colours are both bright and toned-down neutral colours.Simple and chic are the words I use to describe this collection.I love it because it symbolizes the everyday Nairobi woman.

runway 16

runway 17

runway 18

The designer with models.

runway 19

The last designer I will feature is Sheena C. The collection mainly consisted of evening dresses in gold tones,light blue,black and whites.From mermaid style dresses to ballgowns and short bodycon dresses,this collection was the real deal.It also had this ethereal feel to it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.The fabrics were also quite amazing.Whether princess,diva or African queen,there’s something for everyone! 🙂

runway 20

runway 21

runway 22

runway 23

runway 25

The designer with models.

runway 24

Hope you enjoyed the post guys.

Enjoy the rest of your week too! 🙂


Hey readers.As I type this I’m beyond exhausted from yesterday’s activities at the Nairobi Fashion Market.It was basically an event in which there were vendors of fashion items such as clothes,accessories,shoes,weaves and wigs ,scents,make-up etc at discounted prices.Not too sure about the discount part…Definitely, some of those discount rates did not motivate me to buy much.I only bought this gorgeous asymmetrical skirt which I will show you guys soon.There were also stands selling household stuff like crockery.There were soo many stands I didn’t stop by some.It’s an annual event but yesterday was my first time to attend it.I went with two of my friends-Lynn and Bella.We had loadsa fun! It’s good to get out with the girls once in a while.Plus the fashion was exquisite.People really brought it.And I mean reeally brought it! I brought it too..haha! 😀 I also met with some fellow bloggers with whom I interacted.There were fashion shows at intervals but I won’t post photos of the fashion shows today because the photos are quite a number!

I wore a black peplum and a custom made khanga skirt with black flats and a belt worn as a chain.I also wore a headband and carried a mustard bag.

nfm 14

nfm 2

You can get the textured version of the peplum ( here )

nfm 3

nfm 15

nfm 16

Here’s what my friends and fellow bloggers wore:

Bella of

nfm 6


nfm 7

Blogger at

nfm 8

Bella and Maureen of

nfm 8

Maureen and I:

nfm 10

nfm 11

Some merchandise:

nfm 12

nfm 13

Have a good week ahead guys!

Cheers. 🙂


As we speak I can hear helicopters above our house.I live less than 3 Kilometres away from the place in question…The Westgate Mall. Imagine yourself going for frozen yoghurt with a friend or your fiance,going shopping for groceries with your 2 yelling infants or heck just stopping by for what you think will be 10 minutes tops to withdraw money from the ATM,right? …WRONG.Unfortunately that’s not what happened to the innocent civilians who were at Westgate having a good time or going about their business.It was and still is hell.

Yesterday on Saturday September 22nd 2013 at about noon,an estimated 10-15 armed people(a woman/women included) went to the Westgate Mall in Nairobi and started shooting randomly and throwing grenades according to eyewitness reports. Once you hear gunshots,you hide and that’s what survivors did. The police who arrived managed to liberate some 1000 people from the mall until evening but no one came out after that.Some 3 hostages have managed to escape this morning but an estimated 30 people are still in the dreaded mall as I type this. Children were not spared as fire was opened callously on them. So far 59 people have lost their lives and the death toll is still rising while 179 + people have sustained an array of wounds. The deceased range from the ages of 2 to 78. The assailants asked people questions to prove they were Muslims. If you’re no Muslim they shot you,if your phone rang…they shot you too. 😥

People running out of the mall to safety:

I almost cried I saw this mom hiding with these babies:

This one made me cry too.A security personnel rescuing an unknowing baby and other civilians:

This brave unsuspecting child kept running but the policeman was beckoning her to keep her from harm:


In the line of duty:

I’d rather not post photos of the injured and deceased that I’ve seen so much of. Some people have found out their loved ones have passed on,through the internet.Their photos are all over! What a way to break it to someone…

And who’s claiming responsibility? The Al-Shabaab ,a terrorist organization from Somalia. I’ve frequented that mall in the past and I’m trying to imagine if I was in there,what I would do…Survivors have recounted horrific scenes, some saying the had to sleep under a car on the cold hard floor in the basement parking,clinging onto that glimmer of hope that they will be indeed rescued.One jumped from the 1 st floor to the ground floor just to escape and others played dead in a bid to stave off their attackers. If you’re Kenyan you’ve seen it all on TV.I have been deeply saddened by the current despondent state of affairs. The security agencies that are there are doing their best to deliver the remaining civilians from the hands of their attackers.Kenyans in their generosity  have turned out in mammoth crowds to donate blood and other supplies where needed and I am deeply touched.I’m also planning to donate my blood as soon as the situation is contained since I live near Westgate Mall.

The aftermath of this horrid experience is traumatised children,grief,paranoia…But our president said something very powerful ” Terrorism is a philosophy of cowards” and it’s true.Terrorrism is of no religion…It is of cowards. We have never had a hostage situation in our country but I’m proud of our brave armed forces’ handle on the situation. If you’re out there reading this,keep us in your prayers.We shall overcome.That is all.


Photos courtesy of .


Hoping you are all doing well.This week I went for a random trip to Mamba Village in Nairobi to see some crocodiles and ostriches…and ducks and tortoises 🙂 It was loads of fun despite the sweltering heat.Today it’s more about James and the crocs…and ostriches and duckies 😀

So the tour guide actually allowed us to hold a baby croc.James handled it like a pro,Kinda like Steve Irwin of ”Crocodile Hunter”…Can’t say the same for me.I WAS TERRIFIED! I mean,who cares if they’re infants?! We were told if we didn’t hold the neck properly it would cause some serious damage.Plus those little grey eyes… *I shudder* .


I look calm but I was beyond mortified,haha! 😀 I was even being laughed at by an on-looker because I was so squeamish.The photo is blurry because I was moving so much,plus the sunlight was unforgiving.


James was taking this photo right above the crocs.Take the risk why dontcha? Good thing they were asleep…I was busy being a scared-y cat.


The birds:

It’s a fact that an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.Can you see how small its eye already is? 



Boat ride:

2013-09-17 14.37.31


2013-09-17 14.37.50

James rocking the casual but stylish look of a denim shirt(every boy needs one),black jeans and red loafers.His accessories: black geek sunglasses and black and red wristbands . Guys , don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt anymore.Make it more interesting and change it up a bit.And by this I mean wearing pants made from other materials like khaki,wearing denim shirts,accessorize with a watch,scarf,bow tie or suspenders,wear loafers instead of sports shoes or leather shoes and so on.The days of jeans and t-shirts are soon up 😀


For this chilled-out day I wore a grey long-sleved top with floral print,blue jeans and hoop earrings.Just to be fair, nobody warned me about the heat. 😀


Happy Friday everyone!




In my last post I posted about my outfit for the Deacons Fashion Show. Today,it’s all about the event. Basically it was an opportunity for 6 stylists to express their creativity through clothes from the Deacons Stores; Woolworths, Angelo,The Baby Shop and Zara courtesy of 4U2.Ann McCreath of Kiko Romeo pointed out the fact that in Kenya the spotlight is never shed so much  stylists .They are as important as the model, designer and photographer in a photo shoot. I’m glad they’re finally being recognized! The stylists were Wambui Kibue of Sunday Nation, Sunny Dolat, Wambui Thimba of Standard Newspaper, Annabel Onyango of Mnet’s ‘Mashariki Mix’ , Connie Aluoch of The Nairobian/True Love/KTN , Anyiko Owoko of KBC/UP Magazine and Eddie Kirindo of True Love and DRUM Magazines. So yeah, these were pretty distinguished stylists.I was delighted when they announced that it would be an annual event.

Well, it was better than I expected in some aspects. I thought I was gonna stand the whole time but phew, there were seats. I even came prepared with my flats and low pumps. It started an hour late but I guess if they started when they were supposed to, there really would be no crowd. I put in my name for a draw, but Juelz, the blogger I was sitting next to won! How close 😀 Their vouchers were worth 500/= ,1000/= and 5000/= .  The 500 bob voucher… I doubt you can purchase anything worthwhile at deacons though. Another thing is I could see the tags on the clothes the models were wearing…! Not good. Otherwise, I enjoyed the showcase and the energetic atmosphere and I’m glad I got to meet the fashion bloggers I met.Without further ado…The photos! Today there will be a barrage of photos. Hope you’re psyched for them!




THE TWINS WITH EDNA of Her style 19:


DESIGNER LEWIS OF Ledida Fashion Wear whose designs I love by the way.


CHRISTINE SASHA NJERI OF The Fashionista Mansion:



Great look for the office.I love the pops of red and cobalt blue:

model 3

Great look for attending fashion week.I especially love the baroque print on the peplum.But ,You see? The tag on the shoe? :/

model 5

Great look for going shopping and grabbing lunch with friends afterwards:


If I was a dude this would be my work outfit for casual Friday or Uni outfit:

model 12

For the formal stylish look,

model 16

These burgundy pants were used by a couple of the stylists. Looks they are a must have for guys!


Panel of judges : Pinky Ghelani, Ann McCreath’s daughter, Ann McCreath (CEO of design giant Kiko Romeo ) ,Wahome Muchiri(CEO of Deacons) and Carol Odero of True Love Magazine


Yup,kids were models too! his one especially had swag 😀




Annabel Onyango hugging one of her models. She was the winner of the KSh.100,000 grand prize. She wears the crown and is the stylist of the year. I loved what she wore. Her whole look  of the printed jumpsuit,the hat and boots ,was fantastic.

Annabel Onyango

Wambui Thimba came in at 2nd place and Eddie Kirindo was 3rd.They won KSh.50,000 and 25,000 respectively.

And of course, Winnie THE Fashionista.





Hi guys.Yesterday was a long day for me.I went for mini-golf with my friends then a fashion event at night.Today I’ll do a post on the day’s events.This was us at The Village Market having fun:

IMG-20130707-WA0001Marylynn and I looking fab in crop tops 🙂 The guy behind us checking us out..haha!

DSC00651June and I looking fab in our beaded necklaces! 🙂 You know what they say about great minds…



I wore a flowy lace crop top,purple jeans and black flats.I dressed comfortably but stayed fashionable.



DSC00684-001The pink satchel was in the mix…And the lovely necklace too.I like a good sling bag because it allows your hands to be free when you’re doing any activity.



DSC00667Noel and I won the game! It was a whole lot of fun.I can’t wait to do it again.I’ll do a post about the fashion event I went to at night.

Happy Sundayy! 🙂