Hey guys, so yesterday I attended an event. My bestie Ckay had invited me to her dad’s party. He was celebrating becoming a professor…IN MEDICINE…HOW EXTREMELY COOL IS THAT?! Yeah, I’m still doing undergrad and it’s already so tough. Then to a Masters, PH.d(Some say it stands for Permanent Head Damage, haha 😀 )and on to have the title professor before your name…Quite the task, but not impossible. Congratulations Professor Ronald Wasike!(Ckay’s dad)  I guess that makes it Dr.Dr.Prof.Ronald Wasike .We ate, danced to luhiya music Khand! and had loads of fun! It was great catching up with my high school buddies.It was the most fun I’ve had for some time. I went to church before the event. Today I’ll post on my outfit and later in the week I’ll post on the event because it has soo many photos and I want to put in as much as possible.

This is what I wore:


A chiffon top with floral print. It’s actually a hi-low top tucked in. I’m also in a cobalt blue pencil skirt, orange suede heels, cat-eye sunnies and my DIY chain…which is actually a belt.Let me tell you this type of chain is extremely hard to find. I finally debuted my new Dior lipstick which I posted about here .I love the texture and the way it’s the perfect shade of red for me.The other accessories are a simple orange bangle and orange envelope clutch.







And yes! I’m sporting new locks 🙂 I love my new hair. Goes so well with my complexion.



THE SHOES…These babies…I’m addicted.


The words I’m going by today and the rest of the week  ”When I get older ,I will be stronger , they’ll call me ‘Freedom’ ,just like a wavin’ flag …Accept no retreat…surrender…defeat.. ”




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