Hi guys.Yesterday was a long day for me.I went for mini-golf with my friends then a fashion event at night.Today I’ll do a post on the day’s events.This was us at The Village Market having fun:

IMG-20130707-WA0001Marylynn and I looking fab in crop tops 🙂 The guy behind us checking us out..haha!

DSC00651June and I looking fab in our beaded necklaces! 🙂 You know what they say about great minds…



I wore a flowy lace crop top,purple jeans and black flats.I dressed comfortably but stayed fashionable.



DSC00684-001The pink satchel was in the mix…And the lovely necklace too.I like a good sling bag because it allows your hands to be free when you’re doing any activity.



DSC00667Noel and I won the game! It was a whole lot of fun.I can’t wait to do it again.I’ll do a post about the fashion event I went to at night.

Happy Sundayy! 🙂


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