Hope you’re all doing well .I’m doing okay too.So last month I got these babies and I’m on a styling rampage.

NEW SHOES1Who says you can’t have orange shoes?!:D These ones are gorgeous .When shopping I actually passed them because I wanted the conventional colours,red,pink or purple but I actually came back for them.Orange is the most unlikely of colour for shoes but it goes with a number of colours,including white,cream,black,brown,green,blue,purple and so many more.Incase you have orange shoes and wondering how to style them just ask me.This is how I styled the first outfit with my new orange faux suede heels(other outfits will come later).

DSC00329-001I was in a cream peplum dress with peach stripes and my orange heels.I was also carrying a cream sling bag.I’ve worn this bib necklace a couple of times in my previous posts.If you’re wondering where I got it,I got it at woolworths.Trust me,It’s worth the splurge.They might still have it.I also matched my lipstick with the shoes.





Enjoy your week my good people!

Your favourite fashionista,

Winnie THE Fashionista.



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