And today’s picks are? …MINDLESS BEHAVIOUR,ONE DIRECTION AND THE WANTED.So who do you reckon has the best style?


It’s Made up of  Prodigy, Ray Ray, Princeton and Roc Royal and these guys even though just 15 and 16,dress better than some of  their older counterparts in the business! I like the way their style is so ‘in your face’ . They always look like they’re going to start dancing to ‘my girl’ any minute 😀 Kinda like this :

 mindless behvaiour

Their style I love because it’s really edgy and oh so stylish. Just how you’d want your teenage brother,son or boyfriend to be dressing! 😀 Where are all the screaming female fans?!

mindless behaviour

Popstar! Magazine 12 in 12 Event

This is how I think an M.B girl would dress to one of their concerts:

mindless behaviour girl



You may have heard ‘live while we’re young’ ‘kiss you’  ‘one way or another’ or ‘what makes you beautiful’ from this bri’ish boy band .It’s made up of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles(Taylor Swift’s ex), and Louis Tomlinson, their ages ranging from 18 to 20. I used to hate on these guys because I used to thought they were a bit cheesy but I’m beginning to change my mind :O They have some good music.One thing I love though is their style.It’s classy but fun! If you’re in high school or uni,take notes 😉




 I think this is how a ‘one direction’ girl can dress to go see them 🙂

tumblr_mfe5pt2m8J1rzusb1o1_500THE WANTED.

Tom Parker,Max George,Siva  Kaneswaran,Jay McGuiness and Nathan Skyes make up ‘the wanted’.They range from 19 to 23.Now these are guys whose music I love. From ‘glad you came’ to ‘I found you’.My favorite song of theirs is ‘chasing the sun’ Their style is definitely more mature,more clean cut…more serious.Again,if you’re in uni or you work,take notes!

One word…DAPPER.Shout out to all the fashion-he-stas out there.




the wanted

For a ‘wanted’ girl? I gotchu:




Tell me what you think.

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