REPEAT AFTER ME…21 ! 21! 21!

So,February 25th is my official birthday but I celebrated it on Saturday February 23rd with a few of my close friends.It was at Fogo Gaucho,a Brazilian Steakhouse in Westlands,Nairobi.I ate so much meat I don’t think I’m eating meat for the rest of this week…NO, SERIOUSLY.Of course, being the fashionista I am,I went aall out.I pulled all the stops to make sure I looked fabulous and glamorous 🙂 A girl only turns 21 once! I know it was the Oscars that weekend too,but screw that…for now. 😀 This is my red carpet look.

So this is how it all started:

With my eyeshadow and high shine lipgloss:




My earrings:


My heels:


The necklace:


And finally,voila! The finished product.Me in a fuchisia taffeta body-hugging dress with a bow detail,a light pink heel paired with a black clutch :



I thoroughly enjoyed myself that night.But this,21, is not the end of everything ,I’ve barely scratched the surface! I know I have a bright future ahead of me and I can only imagine what it holds.


Tell me what you think.

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