So the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. Much has been said about the awards won and the actors and actresses who won them.I’m here to talk about the fashion side of it…like so many others have done,but from my point of view! Who doesn’t dream of the Hollywood life? I mean,the kind of lives those people live? I would swap mine for that any day.Except I would keep the people in my life thank you.

I’ll start with guys fashion.Well,with guys on the red carpet,really all you need to do is put on a good suit and you’re good to go after 15 minutes.Ladies take even a whole day on hair,make up and other beauty stuff that sometimes will even go unnoticed! 😀 But we still do it because it’s so much fun getting ready.

I usually love a more fitting dress and there was a lot of that at the Golden Globes,especially the mermaid  dresses.There were also a few ball gowns.


1.Sofia vergara In a Michael Cinco dress.

If you’ve watched ‘The Modern Family’ you’ve seen her.She is aall that and a bag of chips and is not afraid to show it:


2.Salma Hayek.

Mexican and thoroughly blessed showed off her curves in this Gucci dress:Mui caliente! Observe how the guy behind her is staring with his mouth open 😀


3.Kate Hudson is a well-renowned actress.She wore this body-hugging Alexander McQueen Dress to the Globes! Elegant is an understatement…



1.Jennifer Lopez.

She sure aint Jenny from the block no more.I love this dress on her.


2.Kerry Washington of ‘Django Unchained’.She looked so adorable in this dress.Very chic.


3.Kaley kuoco.

Always portrayed as a dumb blonde eg in ‘8 simple rules’ and ‘the Big Bang Theory’ but does she look dumb here to you?



1.Anne Hathaway.

Also looking so adorable in this white gown…but you wait till she assaults you in a cat suit.


2.Downton abbey’s michelle dockery.

That white and gold is just sooo elegant.Very Grecian.Good choice!


3.Julianne Hough in Monica Lhuillier.

More like princess Julianne.This is so gorgeous.Minimum jewellery so that the dress can shine.Plus have you seen her hair?



1.Jessica Alba In Oscar De La Renta.

I just love this dress.Everything about it is elegant.The shape,the fit.Plus the colour is gorgeous!Her hair and make up also really brings the whole look together.


2.Jennifer Lawrence.

You might have seen her in ‘The Hunger Games’.She Also went for the ball gown and pulled it off quite pleasantly.



1.Taylor Swift.I love burgundy because it’s an edgy colour and I think it looked lovely on her.


2.Naomi Watts.

This dress though simple,it fit quite nicely and at least she did something that not many did on the red carpet…sleeves! I think she looks amazing.



And then there’s the thigh high slits.They should warn viewers of the Globes, ‘DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME’ . It also looks like the slit is there to allow for flying kicks.Stay away!  Well,If you’ve got it,flaunt it.That’s exactly what these daring women did:

1.Halle berry in versace:

I also love the print on this dress.


2.Eva longoria in Emilio pucci.

This black chiffon and lace pleated dress was just something else.whaat?


3.Heidi klum.

This white Grecian Alexandre Vauthier dress must have had Seal reconsidering… 😀


And then there’s them…NO WAY… Uh uh.These ladies’ fashion has probably seen better days.

1.Sienna Miller.

Fire your stylist! You look like you were a bridesmaid in one of those weddings where bridesmaids are deliberately made to look bad so that the bride can shine.


2.Rebecca Miller.Umm,ok,maybe she was on her way  home and  just decided to pop into the awards…or was she?? well,what she’s wearing is not entirely bad.The boots are so misplace though.It’s just not appropriate for ANY award show.


And Adele who always wears black on the red carpet.She’s …well…just there… :-@ 


Probably the best dressed for me was,,,,JESSICA ALBA!

Who was yours?


6 thoughts on “GLAMOUR AT THE GLOBES.

  1. You have done the golden globes justice Winny.My favourite was Anne Hathaway.The dress was just a different side of her that is not usually potrayed more simplistic but chic and the new do is just to die for.Lucy Lu also brought a brighter side to the red carpet with the floral Vera wang…that’s not a look you see normally on the red carpet.

    • Oh yeaah! How could I not include Lucy Liu? Silly me.It was indeed a bold choice.
      Anne’s haircut is also edgy,no longer the young princess of Princess Diaries that people expect her to be.
      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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