For the rock chic:Drop tops,ripped jeans,skater skirts/dresses,denim and leather jackets,short shorts,boots,dramatic eye makeup and rockin nails.

Feeling badass today? How about a logo top,some jeans, rockin jewellery and old schools,ankle boots or combat boots?


2734716_vvlb ***

Or a leather/ denim jacket or vest on a coloured top and shorts/a skirt and fishnets/normal stockings? I’m loving drop tops lately.You can use them to complete the rock n roll look.


Don’t forget the dramatic eye make-up and nails for that extra edge! I’m thinking burgundy or red lips.This plus charcoal eyeshadow and dark eyeliner…The makings of a great smokey eye.


But since It’s 23 degrees here in Nairobi,Ithink you should just carry the leather jacket ,the heat is crazy! 😀

***Photo courtesy of

I certainly know the direction i’m heading today,i’m keeping it rock ‘n ‘roll people…

Fabulous day fashionistas.


Tell me what you think.

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