All it ever is here is hot or cold.No snow! Since I was a kid I’ve always wondered how having snow feels like(like so many kids living in the tropics). Sometimes the sun is scorching.Sometimes it’s soo cold and we’re like dear dear,where did the sun go? This is currently happening here with us.The weather literally shifts every hour.Katy Perry’s song ‘hot and cold’ would suffice here.Well, we don’t like extreme weather but we have to be prepared for it fashionwise,or otherwise.

Well  I’ll tell you this,there are items of clothing that can help get us through thick and thin.If  it’s hot,you can wear them and not feel like you’re standing near a fire.If it’s cold,you can still wear them without cursing at the clouds for lying to you when you left home “ it will be hot today,wear the halter o vest!” .When you’re underdressed or overdressed for the weather it can be so uncomfortable.So when going out when it’s cold and not sure which weather to expect,these are a few suggestions:

I am a firm believer that cardigans is one of them.Not too heavy ,not too light.



I usually rock blazers in hot and cold weather because I know I can withstand them.


Jean jackets are also the ish.They’re stylish too! I’m telling you denim is back ladies and gentlemen.


Ponchos also qualify in my book,


A light jacket.This is so cute..


A long sleeved blouse will also help you cover up in the cold,but also won’t feel too hot in the sun..ooh that shirt..


Leggings and stockings are actually warm.So if you want to keep warm but still wear that nice pencil skirt or that nice short flirty skirt for that date or function and want to keep warm, you can try them!


Rock that maxi when you want to look awesome but still not feel too cold.When the sun comes out,you’re still fine…LIKE A BOSS


You can’t be too careful! Though the weatherman tells you how the weather will be,it usually changes,FACT.Even HE needs to be told these tips!

Awsome Wednesday everybody.



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